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When it comes to variety in aquatic activities, we have several options for you to choose from at Sea Horse Diving Ibiza. We have courses and guided dive packages to suit any budget or special request. There are boat trips to suit all tastes - from Cruisin' to 'Speedy Stuff'.

Or, why not just chill, floating on the surface in crystal clear waters and watch the marine life on our Snorkel Trip.  Check out the details and get in touch if you want to know more. What are you waiting for?

Introduction to Diving Experience

Discover the wonders that lie below the waves in the sheltered shallow waters right in the Marine Reserve.  Never tried diving before? Then this is for you. A theory lesson beforehand and a practical session in the shallows ensures you know exactly what to expect once you enter the silent world. Under the close supervision of an Instructor with 30 years of diving experience, relax as fish come up and eat from your fingers. Glide effortlessly above the sand and rocks watching shoals of Salpas and marvel at the Octopuses, Moray Eels, Barracudas and other marine life that you never even knew existed. A totally amazing experience.

Giada feeding fish.jpg

Our Dive Trips

When you hear 'Ibiza', diving isn't normally the first thing that comes to mind , and yet, the waters around this little island, hide some of the greatest diving and clearest waters the Mediterranean has to offer. The visibility regularly exceeds 35 metres and there are over 20 dive sites to choose from in our area, all offering something different.
Our Dive Trips allow you to experience all that the waters around Ibiza have to offer. Under the guidance of one of our professional team members, you will be amazed at the wide variety of marine life that awaits you.


Snorkeling Trip

If you want to experience the wonders of the Mediterranean from the surface then our snorkel trip is what you're looking for. It's ideal for families with younger children or larger groups. The snorkel trips start with a short brief about safety and where to spot the best fish. Anyone trying snorkelling for the first time  receives a short lesson about the technique before slowly going down the ladder where they receive coaching before floating off in their own time to discover the amazing marine world below.

Woman Snorkling

Boat Trips

Take a trip on a speedboat and cruise the blue waters of the Marine Reserve on either a Sunset Trip or the Island Hopper speedboat safari. The sunset trip involves a cruise out to the islands where you can take a sunset swim and enjoy drinks as the sun drops below the horizon. The speedboat safari includes a trip along the coastline where you see amazing features including islands, caves and the houses of the rich and famous. Bring your swim gear as you can also take a dip at one of the many remote beaches that dot  the coastline.

We often see flying fish or spot pods of dolphins which occasionally even swim right up to the boat.

A really enjoyable experience for families or groups.

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Thinking of doing a diving course?  Whether you've never dived before and want to start your diving adventure,..or, you're already a qualified diver and feel it's time to expand your experience and abilities, there is a PADI course to suit you.
Our PADI professionals will coach you every step of the way, helping you learn new skills while your knowledge, abilities and confidence grow . A PADI qualification is globally recognised so you'll be able to dive wherever you go. Each subsequent course unlocks a new aspect to diving which helps you to become a more competent experienced diver with the confidence that comes with it, whilst all the time surrounded by the fantastic marine life that Ibiza has to offer.

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