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Refresher Course

A refresher course consists of a dive under the watchful eye of an instructor who can pass on useful tips to help you get back into the swing of diving including buoyancy and any skills you may have forgotten. It is usually recommended that you take a refresher if you haven't dived for six months.

Open Water Referral

The Open Water Referral consists of 4 open water dives at the end of which you have a full Open Water diver qualification. You can complete the Open Water course with us if you have already carried out the confined water dives and the exam with another PADI school.

Open Water Diver

The Open Water Diver course is the first step in becoming a qualified diver. It consists of 5 confined water sessions, 4 open water dives and an exam based on the PADI Open Water syllabus that you will have studied. Once you've done this course you can dive anywhere in the world down to a depth of 18 metres with a qualified buddy.

Advanced Open Water Diver

The next step after Open Water Diver this course builds upon what you have already learnt and consists of 5 speciality dives. There are 2 required dives, they are Navigation and Deep Dive. Further to those, we recommend Boat Dive, Night Dive and Fish Identification.

Rescue Diver

Up until now diving has been about you and improving your skills. In this course you will learn how to look after others in the water and what to do in case of an emergency. This course consists of 2 sections, the first is accident management in diving, the second is the Emergency First Response course. (CPR and First Aid).

Emergency First Responder

As an Emergency First Responder you are trained to be able to provide vital life support for an injured person using CPR and First Aid providing critical care between the incident occurring and emergency medical services arriving, thus increasing the chances of survival.

This course is globally recognised and is a requirement in some places of work.

Dive Master

Dive Master is the first professional qualification in PADI and is also your first step towards working in the diving industry. You become the 'Go-to' person for all things in diving logistics and organisation, both in and out of the water, as well as the Instructors's right-hand man/woman.

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